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Our story

Betting Bounties is a group of betting enthusiasts who have years of combined gambling experience in both sports betting and casinos.

Over the years, all of our team have used multiple services and software that help get the latest tips, and predictions for

sports betting. A problem that all of our team have faced during our betting careers is fake software, and scam “gurus”. This is the same problem that is faced by thousands of other gamblers around the world.

Due to our experience, we decided to create BettingBounties.

Our platform

BettingBounties.com aims to provide a platform for users to use as a tool and as a place to gather information prior to purchasing any betting system. By reviewing various betting software, and services, we can hopefully stop our users from falling into the same trap that so many people fall into each year. 

With our reviews, you can easily see various information about a service prior to purchase. This will help stop our users from impulse buying and take a minute to take in the relevant information before deciding whether a gambling tool is right for them or not.

Our software

BettingBounties, along with our partners are currently in development of several interesting projects. These projects range in uses from arbitrage betting to comparison tools. At this time our software is still in production, or being trained & tested prior to release. Please subscribe to our newsletter if you wish to get notified about release dates and access.